technique videos + patterns

I have three Bead Simple videos up so far, with more on the way!

First, here’s how to make a bead into an earring, embellishment, or pendant, like the Solo Earrings:

Here’s the wire looping technique to make a Vintagesque Necklace:

And here’s a tutorial on opening and closing jump rings, attaching a clasp, and turning a charm into a pendant:

Here are the patterns and tutorials for sewing your own versions of these gorgeous projects:

My creation

•The Vintage-Style iPod Cozy on page 203 by Natalie Zee Drieu — follow this link to download the PDF.

•The Circles in the Square Tote on page 204 by Sarah Place-Minshall — here’s a lovely photo tutorial for sewing the bag.

Of course, you can always embellish a bag you already have… but it’s nice to stitch up your very own original piece too!


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  1. […] archived both of the tutorials on the Bead Simple techniques + patterns page, so you’ll always be able to find them both on the book […]

  2. […] beads first: I wanted to let you know that Susan has been adding how-tos to her Bead Simple website. You can see two video tutorials there – one for making a Solo Earring, and the other for making […]

  3. […] technique videos + patterns […]

  4. […] both posted on the on the Bead Simple technique videos + patterns page, and I’ll have another bunch of videos joining them there in the next little while after a […]

  5. Great Tutorials! thank you 🙂

  6. Thank you for the wonderful videos with such clear instructions. I am surely going to check out your book.

  7. Great! You have a very clear way of explaining the techniques. “Live demos” are such a helpful complement to the book – I’ll be grabbing the book and then watching the videos. I look forward to more. Cheers!

  8. Very good for learning. Thanks for sharing.

  9. […] technique videos + patterns […]

  10. […] technique videos + patterns […]

  11. great videos and patterns thank you for sharing

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