Here are some of my favorite sources for all things beading. Don’t forget to support your local bead shops, too!

Beads, tools and supplies

Berger Beads (vintage and new beads, rhinestones, stampings, and materials)
413 E. 8th St., Los Angeles, CA

Beyond Beads (semiprecious, glass, and vintage and new charms)
1251 Howard St., San Francisco, CA

The Buzzard Brand (vintage and hand-cast charms and findings galore)

Dava Bead & Trade (vintage and semiprecious beads, findings of all types)
1815 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232

Eloxite (jewelry blanks, beads, and tools)

Fire Mountain Gems (glass, semiprecious, charms, metal, and more)

M & J Trimming (lace, ribbons, trims, and buttons)
1008 Sixth Ave., New York, NY

Metalliferous (vintage and new beads, charms, and chain, plus tools and findings)
34 W. 46th St., New York, NY

Michael Levine (fabrics, buttons, and ribbons)
920 Maple Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Ornamentea (beads, ribbons, charms, and miscellany)
509 N. West St., Raleigh, NC

Rings and Things (metal and findings of all kinds)

Rio Grande (semiprecious, metal, and tools)

Toho Shoji (beads, chain, charms, and crystals)
990 Sixth Ave., New York, NY

Vintage, secondhand and unusual pieces

Search Etsy and eBay for specific things you’re looking for, or browse a whole category.

Estate sales, flea markets, and thrift stores are an amazing resource for vintage pieces, too.

And you can find all kinds of unusual things to work with at hardware stores or in your recycling bin!


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  1. I picked up your book yesterday. what is the best way to find product and to educate myself in the art of making jewlry?

  2. I got your book last night and really love it. I can’t wait to get started on some of the projects. I am also going to post a good review for your book at Amazon, because I know those can influence sales for the better.

  3. Your book is my first book on simple jewelry making using beads. What an amazing book such a worth it catch for a beginner. I got your book here in the Philippines in one of the specialty bookstore POWERBOOKS (my favorite spot to shop). Hope you see more projects from you Susan.

  4. i’ve been beading for a couple of years, and have always been on the look out for a good beading book. Stumbled across your book this week and am really loving the designs, techniques. Having this site as a resource as well, is icing on the cake! thanks!

  5. Dear Susan,
    I’ve recently bought your book & am enjoying it very much.I’m an artistic person by nature,but very new at beading.I try to read all I can get my hands on & one of the things I like about your book is that it’s quite accessible & has alot of fun projects in it.I’ve also found it to be a nice “spring-board” for coming up with my own ideas(If I’m not mistaken,you had intended it to be).
    Anyway,I have this terrible feeling you’re not giong to get this message for a while,& I was really hoping you might.If not,that’s fine,too.I have a question for you.I’m not really involved in any kind of a community,so the word-of-mouth answer that would be helpful in this case isn’t available to me!My question to you is: can you recommend a couple of online jewelry-making merchants.I’m certainly aware of quite a few of the many out there,but not sure where to go.I’ve purchased from Fire Mountain & a few local places,but that’s it so far.Firstly,being very new at this,I’m not looking for super-duper quality.Just decent quality,you know?Secondly,I don’t have a lot of money at all.To be honest with you,I get a small disability check once a month(beading has really been a God-send of sorts without going into detail).I don’t share that with many people,but my point is,mainly,I really could use a little direction in choosing an affordable way to purchase online.If you ever have the time,I’d love to hear from you & am open to any ideas you might have.
    Anyway,thank you very much for hearing me out.I realize I’ve written this in the ‘comment’ section,but that’s okay.In fact,if anyone reads this with some useful advice,I’d be open to hearing it!Hears my It might be helpful to put ‘bead simple’in the subject line,otherwise,I could toss it!You know how it is :)Well,thank you.
    Have a good one,everybody&happy new year! -Guinevere

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