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Bead Simple is out now! You can find it at local bookstores, at Michaels, or on Amazon… and you can pick up a signed copy at the Taunton web store and in my Etsy shop.

Bead Simple cover

Here’s a bit more about the book, too:

Most beading books include a mix of patterns but call for very specific beads and materials. So if crafters don’t like the beads used in the projects, or don’t have them in hand, they won’t enjoy the projects, no matter how beautiful they are. But Susan Beal has untangled this knotty problem. Bead Simple is the first work of its kind that offers stunning jewelry patterns that can be completely customized with a variety of beads and stringing materials. Based on simple, yet effective beading techniques, this strikingly illustrated pattern guide includes 50 glittering designs, each featuring two bold variations for a total of 150 projects that can easily be achieved with different materials or tweaks. With hot guest designers, including DIY Network’s Jennifer Perkins and Megan Nicolay, author of the bestselling Generation T, here is the one book that finally offers jewelers the versatility to let their unique personalities shine through.

“Bead Simple is simply fantastic, proving that with a few tools, a couple of easy to learn techniques, and the guidance of Susan Beal’s wonderful eye for color and texture, anyone can make beautiful handcrafted jewelry. The projects are absolutely inspiring, and I can’t wait to get started myself!” – Debbie Stoller, bestselling author of Stitch ‘N Bitch

“The photographs are gorgeous, the instructions are clear as day, and there are a ton of projects that I’d actually want to make. Even better, you get the feeling that everything — from vintage buttons to stuff from the hardware store — can be a bead.” – Arwen O’Reilly, CRAFT: magazine

“Bead Simple is a beautiful, smart, helpful book, and Susan Beal’s elegant, understandable approach to beading not only puts the neophyte maker at ease but inspires the experienced beader.” – Tsia Carson, designer and author, Craftivity

“Bead Simple is for the DIYer who’s adorned everything with their creations but themselves. Susan Beal knows jewelry is personal, and that by-the-number projects won’t do.” – Jenny Hart, author, Sublime Stitching

“I love jewelry, but I’ve always been afraid to make my own — How will I attach the clasp? What if all my beads fall off? Bead Simple not only gives me the confidence I need to take the plunge, but Susan Beal’s elegant, evocative designs make me want to rethink my entire wardrobe, then flaunt my new jewels.” – Alicia Paulson, Posie

“If you’ve been looking for a how-to beading book that is jammed full of super cute and stylish jewelry, you’ve found it! Susan Beal has an amazing eye for jewelry, and she shares her vast beading knowledge in concise and friendly language. No matter what your level of experience, your skills are sure to improve and dazzle.” – Mariko Fujinaka, knitwear designer

“Susan Beal is a fantastic instructor with a clear understanding of how to introduce a beginner to jewelry making. Her friendly voice and confidence-building directions for making and creating your own version of each project provide great inspiration. This is the beading book I’ve been hoping for.” – Megan Reardon, founder, notmartha.com


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  1. Hey, I love this idea, can’t wait to see the book! I get tired with designs that seem to be made to sell beads, instead of spark your creativity.

  2. Congratulations on your book, I just ordered it from Amazon! Thank you for putting it together!

  3. I got my book yesterday. Love it!!! Thank you for so many great ideas. I bought a copy to give to a friend, too.

  4. […] saying hi to people, and experimenting with the craft demos. I even won a door prize: a copy of Bead Simple, which has some amazing looking jewelry designs. The author was kind enough to autograph it for me […]

  5. Susan,
    We just wanted to write and say a very big thank you for listing Berger Specialty Co. in the resource section of your book “Bead Simple,” as well as on your website. We just started carrying this book and others for jewelry making and saw that you had us listed as a resource. Thanks so much for remembering Berger Specialty when it comes to your beading needs. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

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  7. […] with jewelry-making steps.  If you want a book to help, I definitely recommend Susan Beal’s Bead Simple – she’s the one who taught me how to make […]

  8. […] note: that awesome Lee button was given to me by the fabulous Susan Beal, author of Bead Simple, which was the book that got me into beading in the first […]

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